Maroon reporting

2/14/18: Conservative Law Society Deactivates as LSSO After Backlash to “Whip Sheet”

2/12/18: Law Students Association Cannot Defund Burke Society, Admin Says

1/28/18: Samantha Eyler-Driscoll Was Asked to Promote the Steve Bannon Event. She Resigned.

1/24/18: Steve Bannon Accepts Invitation to Speak at the University of Chicago

12/14/17: Endowment Tax’s Status Uncertain in the GOP Tax Plan

12/13/17: Graduate Student Tuition Waiver Provision Won’t Make Tax Plan

12/9/17: Axelrod Doubles Down on Support for CPS Chief Who Covered Up Ethics Investigation

12/8/17: Zimmer to Take Student Questions Next Quarter at Rare Open Forum

11/7/17: Anthony Scaramucci Planning Visit With UChicago College Republicans

11/1/17: Provost Defends Admin’s Legal Opposition to Grad Union at Private Faculty Senate Meeting

10/24/17: Title IX Investigation Closed After 42 Days Under DeVos’s New Guidance

10/19/17: GSU Celebrates Win, Admin Says Legal Fight Continues

9/28/17: Phi Delt, Former Brothers Settle Lawsuit With Pledge Who Alleged Hazing

9/28/17: Neo-Nazi Fliers Case Ends With Misdemeanor; UCPD Had Pushed for Hate Crime Charge

9/16/17: Rep: Obama Thinks His Library Will Have More Impact Than His Presidency

9/14/17: Obama Explains Why He Won’t Sign Community Agreement for Presidential Center

9/12/17: UChicago Stays Third in U.S. News Rankings

9/5/17: University of Chicago Will Support Legislative Solution for Dreamers

8/25/17: Education Department Closes Title IX Investigation

8/13/17: Recovered Internal Documents Offer a Glimpse Inside Levi Hall

8/13/17: Draft Shows Stage in University Planning to Promote Diversity

6/8/17: U of C Goes Alone, Makes Less Political Statement as Colleges Unite to Support Paris Agreement

6/5/17: Is the Class Day Speaker Paid? Spokesman Says That’s Confidential

5/27/17: Zimmer Agrees to Continue as President Until At Least 2022

5/23/17: Faculty Senate Creates New Disciplinary System

5/19/17: Ahead of Vote to Create a New Disciplinary System, Key Revisions Announced

5/11/17: Obama Foundation Announces Chief Digital Officer

4/24/17: Zimmer Says in Interview that Cuts to Science Proposed by Trump Pose Concern for U of C

4/13/17: Disciplining Disruption: Inside the High-Stakes Faculty Debate

4/6/17: University Will Not Release Class of 2021 Acceptance Rate Until Autumn

4/3/17: Title IX Complaint Preceded Promotion of Women’s Lacrosse to Varsity Status

3/21/17: Man Arrested for Racist, Anti-Semitic Flyers is Also Responsible for Unwanted Posters in December, Police Say

1/31/17: Graduate Student May Not Be Able to Return From Iran

1/29/17: Guest Lecturer Born in Iran Cancels After Immigration Executive Order

1/18/17: Man Shot Last Night on South Blackstone Avenue Near 51st Street

1/10/17: Valois, Obama’s Favorite Hyde Park Restaurant, Sets Up for Interview Later Today

1/10/17: Maroon Photographer Used UofC Connections (and a Ladder) to Shoot Obama’s ’08 Victory Speech in Chicago

12/29/17: In Pictures: 2016 at the University of Chicago

11/29/16: Asked if UofC Disavows White Nationalist Alum Richard Spencer, Spokesperson Says Alumni Don’t Speak for University

11/28/16: University of Chicago President Robert Zimmer Signs Letter Supporting DACA

11/22/16: Zimmer Talks University Finances, Divestment, and Trigger Warnings

11/17/16: Anti-Abortion Student Group Cancels Event Anticipating “Organized Protest”

11/10/16: Trump Win Shocks U of C Students; His Scattering of Supporters on Campus Celebrates

11/06/16: Trump Rushed off Stage After False Shout That Booth Alum Had a Gun

11/01/16: Violence and Vandalism in Hyde Park Over Halloween Weekend

10/31/16: Kenwood Academy Warns Parents of “Halloween Purge” on 53rd Street After School

10/27/16: Students to Receive Diplomas With Housemates at Eight Separate Ceremonies

10/27/16: Sigma Chi Expels Brother Accused of Sexual Misconduct

10/26/16: Video: Communist Protester Arrested After Standing on Table in Dining Hall

10/24/16: Two Students Arrested For Blocking Traffic on Michigan Ave at Free Tuition Protest

10/14/16: Westboro Church to Picket on Campus Next Friday

10/04/16: On Induction Night, Phi Delt Pledges Served ‘Copious’ Amounts of Everclear Then Held in Basement Room

10/04/16: Some Students Will Have to Wait for Financial Aid Awards Through ‘First Weeks’ of Quarter

09/24/16: U of C College Republicans Unlikely to Endorse Trump

09/12/16: U.S. News Ranks UChicago #3

08/28/16: Chair of Free Expression Committee Will Give Aims of Education Address

08/27/16: Student President Calls Free Speech Letter “Messed Up”

08/24/16: University to Freshmen: Don’t Expect Safe Spaces or Trigger Warnings

08/04/16: Obama Center Reps: Development Coming to Washington Park, Despite Choice of Jackson Park for Library

07/18/16: Student Sues Phi Delt; Alleges Hazing, Assault

07/15/16: Cemitas Puebla to Replace Packed

06/30/16: Obamas Select Architect for Presidential Library

06/08/16: [Update: Sanders Tweets Support] SG President Faces Disciplinary Charges for Facilitating Sit-In

05/31/16: Lab Schools Director Resigns

05/27/16: Divestment Issue Rocks Campus

05/27/16: Provost Isaacs Is Out, Provost Diermeier Is In

05/24/16: More than 20 Shots Fired at 62nd and Kimbark

05/24/16: No Standard Rules for Graduate Council Elections

05/17/16: Bank Robber Charged, Sprayed Gasoline at Teller

05/10/16: State Regulators Unanimously Approve UCMC’s $269 Million Trauma Plan

05/10/16: Clarke’s Temporarily Closed for Maintenance, Hopes to Reopen

05/10/16: Police Recover Body From Lake Michigan Near Promontory Point

05/03/16: VP for Campus Life and Student Services Karen Warren Coleman to Leave University

05/03/16: High Demand for Summer Breeze Tickets Crashes Server

05/03/16: University Plans to Sell 13 Properties, Funds Will Go to Teaching and Research

04/29/16: U of C Wrestling Coach Regrets Letter of Support for Hastert

04/24/16: Jeremih, SOPHIE, TOKiMONSTA to Perform at 2016 Summer Breeze

04/19/16: Zimmer Talks Student Life, New Initiatives, Obama Library in Quarterly Meeting

04/12/16: College Council to Prohibit Audio Recording at Meeting Tonight

04/12/16: As Vote Approaches, Push for Divestment Continues

04/01/16: Push for Divestment From Ten Companies that Do Work With Israeli Defense Forces Looks for CC Resolution

03/18/16: CPD Investigates Sexual Assault Complaints Against Ousted Psi U Brothers