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8/8/17: Poll: Americans uneasy about North Korea, doubt Trump’s ability to handle situation

8/4/17: Trump signs bill allowing wounded Capitol Police officers money for recovery

8/3/17: Read the ‘Communications Plan’ Scaramucci wrote to WH staffers

8/1/17: Lawmakers split: Is Scaramucci’s departure sign of new order or more chaos?

7/31/17: NJ assembly approves bill to close governor’s beach house during shutdowns

7/27/17: Huckabee Sanders on Scaramucci: ‘Sometimes he’s a passionate guy’

7/26/17: Trump donates portion of salary to Department of Education

7/25/17: Collins, Farenthold apologize to each other after hot mic catches Collins calling GOP rep ‘unattractive’

7/24/17: Rep. Farenthold: I’d ‘settle this Aaron Burr-style’ if senators resisting repeal were men

7/21/17: Police: 2 Burundian teens reported missing crossed into Canada

7/20/17: Grief, support pours in after McCain brain cancer diagnosis

7/19/17: Rep. Castro: Second Trump-Putin meeting is ‘not normal’

7/18/17: Callista Gingrich grilled on Pope-Trump differences on climate policy

7/17/17: Who we know is going to Trump’s health care dinner

7/15/17: Crucial week for Republicans’ plan for health care: What you need to know

7/13/17: Afghan robotics team allowed to travel to US after Trump intervenes

7/11/17: Warner: ‘Clear evidence’ that Trump officials met Russians to get info

7/10/17: Yoho: Trump Jr.’s Russian lawyer meeting ‘opposition research’

7/6/17: Scalise undergoes another surgery, remains in serious condition

7/5/17: Rep. Brat deletes photo of ‘Hillary for U.S. Ambassador to Libya’ sign

6/30/17: Report: Twenty-two White House aides earning maximum salary

6/29/17: Jennifer Granholm: Trump a ‘snowflake’ for tweet attacking Brzezinski

6/27/17: Senate punts, then 3 new Republicans oppose health care bill

6/27/17: Susan Collins: Trump hasn’t learned how to work with Congress

6/23/17: Hillary Clinton: GOP is ‘death party’ if health care bill passes

6/22/17: Trump tweets ‘We will BUILD THE WALL!’

6/22/17: Dozens arrested after disability advocates protest at McConnell’s office

6/20/17: Rep. Swalwell: ‘It looks like we are at war in Syria’

6/20/17: Congressional Baseball Game raises $1.5 million, breaks records for fundraising and ticket sales

6/17/17: List of Republican congressmen found with baseball practice shooter

6/16/17: Trump: ‘Truly terrible thing’ happened to American released by North Korea

6/15/17: Injured Capitol Police officer throws out first pitch in emotional moment

6/15/17: Jane Sanders: Violence is ‘not what Bernie preaches’

6/13/17: Heinrich: Sessions’ testimony shows ‘concerted effort’ to obstruct investigation

6/13/17: Democratic senators outraged at new press restriction

6/12/17: Reed: Sessions’ involvement with Comey firing ‘highly questionable’

6/8/17: Poll: Trump’s approval rating dips to 34%